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The First National Difference

Welcome to First National Rochedale…  a real estate powerhouse with a difference! Two top performing offices with reliable and reputable sales agents and property managers fixated on giving you the best service.   We draw on a century of experience, so you can feel confident that our office will more than meet your needs. Our service is both personal and professional, with a commitment to providing that extra effort vendors and landlords appreciate in obtaining an excellent result.

We impress our customers with exceptional service levels….. 5 star service in fact!

Selling or buying a home will be amongst the biggest financial decisions you will ever make, so you will want the best service, advice and value for money as possible from your real estate agent. Selecting the right agent to guide you through the process should be one of your first and most important considerations.

To find out which real estate agents are rated highest across Australia, Canstar Blue surveyed more adults who have employed the services of an agent in their area over the last three years, whether it related to the buying or selling of a property, lease management or renting.

First National Real Estate has been impressing more than any other firm, taking out five-star reviews from consumers in almost every single category, including communication and advice, problem resolution and value for money. In fact, no other real estate agent achieved top marks in any area.

What do we do that’s different?

  • Communiction and Advice
    You can only make the best financial decisions when you have all of the facts at hand, and you’ll only have all of the facts if you agent does their job properly and keeps you in the loop. It seems like such a simple thing but it’s often the simple things that go wrong. Whether you’re buying a home, selling, leasing or renting, the least you should be able to expect from your real estate agent is good communications and sound advice, not when it suits them, but when it suits you.Time is the true test of a real estate agent’s credentials in this area – it’s easy to be there when the contracts need signing, but are they still as easy to reach a couple of weeks later when you have some concerns to raise? Only First National Real Estate Rochedale is.
  • Problem resolution
    You can learn a lot about someone when you see how they react under pressure. Problems are simply unavoidable in the fast-moving world of real estate, whether it’s a buyer pulling out of a deal, or unruly tenants forgoing on their rent – estate agents are in the thick of it on an almost daily basis. First National Real Estate achieved a five-star rating from its customers in the area of problem resolution.
  • Value for money
    If you want great service and advice, you’ll obviously have to pay for it. First National Real Estate was the only firm to receive a five-star rating in this area from Canstar.
  • Marketing (accuracy and effectiveness)
    You can only sell your home or find a new tenant if you’re estate agent is able to successfully get the message out there. Marketing is a crucial aspect of these particular services, so you’ll need your agent to put their money where their mouth is. Once again, Canstar awarded First National Real Estate top of the marketing tree.
  • Moving services
    Getting you in your new home is one thing, but how about all of the essential services you’ll need, like electricity and broadband? Estate agents commonly help movers set up these types of services, taking away some of the stress that comes with the territory. First National has its very own concierge service, ready and waiting for you to call, so that you can start living your new life immediately.
  • Contract handling
    No deal is done until you sign on the dotted line. Taking care of the contracts associated with your sale or tenancy is arguably the most important thing a real estate agent has to do – mistakes are not an option. This involves communicating the finer details to all parties concerned and ensuring everyone is happy before proceeding. First National Real Estate rated five stars for contract handling, well ahead of the pack.