Richard Falwasser

Real Estate Agent & Licensed Auctioneer

Richard’s career in real estate started in 1988, and since that time he has become one of the First National Groups highest performers nationally. In 2003 & again in 2009, 2010 & 2013 at the Australasian Awards he was named the No 1 Residential salesmen in Queensland and for the last 8 years has been awarded the # 1 salesperson in Brisbane.

Richard has won the “Diamond Award” every year since 2006 & in November 2007 Richard was presented with the “Chairman’s Award”, one of the highest accolades one can attain in the real estate industry.

Richard’s philosophy on client service is the key to his success. He believes his clients want to work with someone who has a straightforward manner and who can give informed and knowledgeable advice. “When I communicate with people I take a very direct approach.” Richard says. “In this day in age, people expect professionalism and I make sure they get it”.

“Success in real estate comes through personal communication and making that connection by establishing your clients needs and expectations up front. First by listening then by delivering.” he adds. Richard’s personal slogan … “Your choice … my commitment.” emphasises commitment to his clients and his results show this. Richard has always believed Excellence is never an accident; it is achieved only as a result of insistence on the highest standards of performance.